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De-risking an online product launch in home improvement

The Challenge
StreamLabs had an innovative new product: a residential water monitor that would help homeowners know when they had a leak. But their customer definition was loose, as was the value proposition, marketing messages and tactics. And this was the company’s first effort in the consumer space, for both legacy plumbing systems and the smart home market.

They were the challenger brand, against competitors with established reputations and bigger budgets. The newly acquired company had to prove its worth to a new parent company; its first consumer product was a bet-the-company moment.

Streamlabs' first consumer product
was a bet-the-company moment.

The Work
Our approach was to tackle each unknown, one by one, to de-risk the StreamLabs launch. We conducted consumer testing on the value proposition, for clarity and purchase intent. We prototyped, tested, then launched their online storefront, and quickly gathered in-market performance data on the most efficient marketing tactics. We launched digital campaigns for both direct and Amazon Marketplace sales channels. As performance increased, we refined marketing tactics, and managed the acceleration of the launch campaign and sustained sales growth. Consumer, defined. Value prop, validated. Marketing, proven. Cash register, ringing.

The Results
Our work drove down CPA (cost per acquisition) by more than 200% and increased web conversions by more than 240%. Separately, Amazon sales grew to more than 50% of their online sales in the first year. We established StreamLabs’ voice in the market, and established iterative growth processes that Streamlabs could carry onward (and upward).

Services & Capabilities

  • Design Sprint Workshop
  • Product Strategy Consulting
  • Go-to-Market Strategy
  • In-Market Digital Message Testing
  • Marketing Campaign Execution
  • Customer Acquisition
  • Amazon Marketplace Marketing

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