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Operation HOPE

Digital transformation for the leader in financial coaching.


Non-Profit / Financial Education


Product Services


Research & software development, Internal & External Digital Transformation


Operation HOPE provides financial education to employees of its clients, with a goal of disrupting cycles of poverty for millions. They have over 100 enterprise clients ranging from Amazon to Walmart. They needed to grow their impact with a clear, mission-oriented message, add additional capacity for their financial coaches and create new operational efficiencies. Plus, they needed to streamline 30 different digital systems internally. Where to begin?

Without a digital strategy and a re-imagined delivery framework rooted in the digital world, HOPE would be unable to achieve its mission.

The Work

Three Five Two started with research, to understand the humans at the heart of it. Paired with our technical teams, we spent the first few weeks detailing the required changes, and sprinting to create quick wins. We rolled out an organization-wide collaboration platform and a unified enterprise resource planning (ERP) with standardized processes, eliminating manual labor and creating a single-source-of-truth for data.



to define and launch an MVP solution grounded in user needs

User Portal

Users found all of Operation Hope's robust programs easy to navigate, track progress, earn certificates, and interact with mentors virtually.

Unleashing the power of research and consumer data, we overhauled Operation Hope’s information architecture to build a marketing website that’s not just informative but downright engaging. We gave them a fully revamped website—effortlessly breaking down complex info into a friendly, easily digestible format. Tailored to resonate with potential donors, coaches, and participants, we created a dynamic user experience that meets the unique needs of each group to drive growth.

Marketing Site

For the largest corporate partners to sign up with Operation Hope, the site needed to build instant trust and credibility, and deliver a clear value prop for their company and users.

The Results

We launched the MVP solution in 6 months. We onboarded and enabled 19 corporate partners. We built & launched a new learning management system for clients, as well as a new marketing site. Our work created a 43% increase in client signups, in Q3 2022 alone.



in client signups in one quarter

“This is the second organization I’ve led where I’ve hired Three Five Two. They are my secret weapon for large-scale, complex, organizational change, when the world won’t wait.”

Jennifer Wolford Chief Innovation Officer @ Operation Hope