Technical Guidance for
Non-Technical Founders

Running a tech company can fill you with questions

We'll help you answer

  • How can I find or vet a technical co-founder?
  • How can I recruit and assess techies?
  • What is the best way to estimate effort and my timeline?
  • Can I learn enough about technology to effectively communicate with my team, investors, and mentors?
  • What can  I do to support the team while they’re busy coding?
  • How do I get on the same page with my techies?

We help leaders understand tech

We’ve worked with solopreneurs, venture-backed startups, private equity firms, and Fortune 100 companies. They trust us to build, upgrade, and analyze their technology solutions because that’s all we’ve been doing since 1998.

We speak "developer" and "business"

The developer said you must refactor your JSON APIs to interface with the React interface utilizing Redux. It’ll fix some bugs and make development easier, but it’ll take 3 months.


We’ll explain what that means in plain language and discuss the impacts to your business.

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