Let's find what's next

Somewhere inside your business, customer base or marketplace is the potential for your next breakthrough opportunity.

New venture design as a discipline.

Innovation isn’t a luxury, an accident, or a pile of tech buzzwords. It’s the only way to find transformational growth. And at 352, it’s a proven, tangible practice. A practice that will find your next great product, service or business model.

Clients come to us with audacious long-range goals. We don’t blink. We take the first step, and the next, and show them the path to make it real.

Let's set radical goals.

What’s your best case? If you’re not starting today, someone is.

Let's prove it early.

This is not blue-sky ideating. Before you build anything, make damn sure you’re building the right thing.

Let’s work fast.

We learn more in five days than some do in 500.

Want proof?

We’ve spawned new businesses worth hundreds of millions. We’ve blown clients’ minds, and received hugs in return. Why do they keep coming back for more? Because our methods do what they’re designed to do: drive transformative growth.
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New Venture Design Case Study

We created an enterprise startup that became COX Automotive’s fastest growing new business unit.

COX Automotive, formerly AutoTrader Group, needed an experienced team to help develop MakeMyDeal, an online automotive negotiation product. Through prototyping, research and custom development we helped MakeMyDeal build the way you’ll buy your next car.