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revenue streams

How will you find transformational growth? Our New Revenue Lab
may be the best answer to that question.

Innovation is critical to the future growth of your company.

Yet while startups enjoy the freedom to quickly test new product concepts and fail fast, your company may be slowed by the need to support your core business. It’s hard to innovate when you’re dealing with customer needs, resource constraints, legacy infrastructure and aversion to risk.

We offer an ideal solution.

As an external innovation partner, we rapidly build new ventures and products in our lab, with the objective of integrating successful ventures and products back into your company once market traction is achieved.

Creating Growth

Leading companies hire us to find and grow new revenue streams. Fortune 1000 companies partner with us to establish a New Revenue Lab as an efficient and effective way to create growth on a continuous basis. This process has created billions of dollars in new enterprise value.

Partnering Together

Through our Lab, we find new revenue streams for you through product, service and business model innovation. We can operate as a skunk works lab, working independently from your team, or as a co-lab, embedded with your team to create new ventures together.

Market Ready

Our Lab team studies your market and customer base, identifies needs and gaps and uses our proven process to validate what will stick. We then build out the best concepts and launch them to market for you.

Proven Successes

We’re the team that built the fastest growing new business unit for a Fortune 500, built a startup that exited for 9-figures, created the tech behind the internet’s leading awards, and is now finding billion-dollar opportunities for two Fortune 50 companies. Put our expertise and unique Lab model to work to find, build and grow your next big thing.

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Huddle Up

How External Teams Accelerate Corporate Innovation

Technology empowers today’s companies to innovate quicker than ever, yet few enterprises have the freedom and agility to create and scale new  ventures at the speed of their market. While startups enjoy the freedom to quickly test new product concepts and fail fast, large companies are often handcuffed by the weight of legacy infrastructure, red tape, compliance requirements and aversion to risk. We find that innovation failure rates at large companies are often far too low, because only incremental innovation is being pursued and not enough moonshot concepts are being tested.

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