The team you call to drive change.

Solve business challenges and drive rapid change with guided innovation strategy. Our team will help you efficiently validate new ideas, identify opportunities and reach corporate goals.

Great minds rarely
think alike... to start.

Innovation requires challenging conventions, engaging in tough conversations and exploring new ideas. Organizations often miss out on huge opportunities because they are reluctant to step out of their comfort zones. 352’s innovation leaders are experts at navigating obstacles, facilitating conversations and building consensus.

Design Thinking

Theory and research only take innovators so far. Too often, innovation labs spend months combing through secondary research without ever testing their ideas with actual customers. Through design sprints, 352 gives your team a glimpse into the future, gathering more actionable knowledge in five days than most innovators collect in six months.

Ideation Workshops

Pursuing innovation initiatives requires aligning stakeholders and change-makers behind an actionable idea. We facilitate workshops to help your team identify a core business challenge and take your team beyond the drawing board to develop valuable solutions.

Prototyping and MVPs

The pilot phase of innovation requires a lightweight product build to bridge the gap between ideation and commercial launch. Through minimum viable product principles, we deliver an iterative platform to refine through deep customer feedback. We help you build the right product for any stage of your business, from early stages to launch. Our lean approach helps you make an informed decision, every time.

Create solutions, not just ideas.

Innovation doesn’t end with strategy. You need to find out what happens when the rubber meets the road. 20 years of digital product development and delivery enable 352 to produce tangible, working solutions for your customers and stakeholders. By testing prototypes with users in the real-world, you gain invaluable feedback and insights.


We identified and validated new business models for a $100B manufacturing company.

A global manufacturing company enlisted our innovation team to solve challenges with their current business model and design a new business model for the future. Their current operating model was facing declining consumer demand, an increasingly fragmented market and supply chain complications. Our team facilitated several weeks of design sprints to identify problems and opportunities, create prototypes for potential solutions, and validate solutions through 80+ customer interviews. We also built executive presentations and communication strategies for channel partners, and advised on how to resource the organization to achieve new goals.