Innovation. Discover your next
big thing.

Innovation isn’t a luxury, or an accident, or a pile of tech buzzwords. It’s the only way to find transformational growth. And at 352, it’s a proven, tangible practice.

Let's prove it early.

This is not blue-sky ideating. Before you build anything, make sure you’re building the right thing. We’ll give your team a glimpse into the future, testing prototypes with users in the real-world so you can gain invaluable feedback and insights before taking the plunge.

Let's prove it early.
Let's work fast.

Let's work fast.

We learn more in five days than some do in 500. Want proof? We’ve spawned new businesses worth hundreds of millions. We’ve blown clients’ minds, and received hugs in return. They keep coming back for more because our methods do what they’re designed to do: drive transformative growth.

Let's swing for the fences.

There’s adjacent innovation, and then there’s transformational innovation. We’re very clear on that difference, and we push your business toward the biggest opportunities. We chase changes worth making. Sometimes it’s uncomfortable; but there’s huge value in audacity - because anything is possible, and nothing inspires a company like a huge idea.

Let's swing for the fences


  • Innovation Strategy

    Tangible steps to build an actionable plan: we start with the end in mind, and determine specific “hows” to get you there.

  • New Revenue Lab

    Find new revenue streams by working with our lab. New products and services, value props, audiences, pricing, distribution, and business models are all in play.

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  • Design Sprints

    A focused week of cross-functional team exercises, designed to accelerate big leaps and real outcomes.

  • Market and Customer Research

    Up close and personal qualitative research, to turn great questions into eureka findings. (And a strong left hand in secondary quant.)

  • Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

    We prefer the term “minimum awesome product.” We create an early version of what will be irresistible.

  • Org Alignment & Activation

    Create alignment around desired outcomes for your innovation program, then activate your team to achieve your goals.

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