Growth Marketing. Marketing that
transforms your business.

Marketing only matters if it moves the needle. At 352, we're focused on one outcome: creating rapid growth.

First, test and prove.

We quickly find your optimal market, messaging and the channels you’ll need to grow. We test many different tactics, hawkishly watch the data and then pour on the gas when we see the first sign of a spark.

First, test and prove.
Optimize the entire funnel.

Optimize the entire funnel.

While attracting new customers is critical, it’s only part of what you need for sustainable growth. We optimize your entire digital presence and provide strategies to improve customer activation, retention, upselling and referrals.

Metrics that matter.

Vanity metrics don’t matter to us. Exponential growth does. We’ll find what works – what really works – to drive your business and show you the data to back it up. You won’t be left wondering if marketing is making an impact. The ROI will be crystal clear.

Metrics that matter.
A marketing firm that works like a savvy Silicon Valley team.

A marketing firm that works like a savvy Silicon Valley team.

Data-driven. Agile. Real-time dashboards. Tasks mapping to outcomes. Here, the advanced technical practice of marketing comes first.


  • Growth Strategy

    A roadmap to create or increase your level of market share for products or services.

  • Digital Marketing

    Iterative omni-channel marketing and media planning centered around your audience.

  • User Acquisition

    An agile approach to discover new audiences and increase your overall customer lifetime value.

  • Demand Generation

    Nurture prospects through the buying cycle for higher conversions and a demand for your product or service.

  • Funnel & Site Optimization

    Marketing strategies to help you attract, convert, close and delight your target audience.

  • Data & Analytics

    We implement business intelligence tactics via the latest big data platforms to guide your marketing decisions.

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