Design Thinking + Agile Development + Growth Marketing = The Innovation Power Combo

Three Five Two
Three Five Two
September 29, 2023

Want to help your enterprise realize new revenue growth fast?

The combination of design thinking, agile development, and growth marketing has emerged as a powerful tool for innovation. This approach is particularly beneficial for large enterprises that are looking to validate new ideas quickly and effectively.  

Chances are you’ve heard of them, but may not be doing them…yet. Together they create an end-to-end process for new value creation. Let’s get into it shall we?

1. Design thinking.

Evolving for years, design thinking is still widely misunderstood. Essentially, it says, "Start with the user. Understand their pains and gains. Let your solutions come from that." If you take it seriously, it can help your enterprise with:

  • Customer-Centric Solutions: By prioritizing user needs, Design thinking ensures products and services resonate with customers, leading to higher satisfaction and loyalty. “I need and want that!”  
  • Collaborative Problem-Solving: Design thinking fosters teamwork and interdisciplinary collaboration, enabling efficient and innovative solutions to be generated. Find the weak spots of any idea early.
  • Unique Competitive Advantage: By challenging assumptions and cultivating empathy, design thinking helps businesses create distinctive and impactful solutions, differentiating them from competitors and capturing market opportunities swiftly. “Ooh, that’s different!”

2. Agile development.

Enterprises in every category are looking to digital solutions to drive growth. Digital allows for uncapped scale, and streamlined iteration (product improvement). Here's why agile is a game-changer:

  • Change the product as you go: By embracing iterative development and continuous feedback, agile empowers companies to course correct as issues arise. This allows for quicker market fit and revenue generation, giving businesses a competitive advantage.
  • Change the business as you go: Agile's flexibility enables businesses to seize market opportunities swiftly. Any change in price, or channel, or partner, or audience - those strategic decisions can show up in the user experience, within a time-boxed sprint cycle. With the ability to pivot and respond to changing customer needs, businesses can align their software offerings with market demands, driving revenue growth.
  • Enhanced Collaboration: Through frequent communication and transparency, teams can ideate, experiment, and innovate together, creating solutions that drive revenue growth and meet customer expectations. The key here is constant alignment of stakeholders. “All in favor? YES.”

3. Growth marketing.

Early-stage, digital-first marketing has a superpower of proving market fit and return on marketing investment - without locking in big budget bets. Here's how:

  • Spend Less / Learn Fast: Growth marketing focuses on rapid experimentation and optimization to uncover the most effective strategies for revenue generation. By constantly testing and refining tactics, businesses can identify winning approaches quicker, boosting revenue growth at an impressive pace.
  • Data-Driven Decision Making: Growth marketing relies on data analysis to drive informed decisions. By leveraging insights and analytics, marketers can identify high-performing channels, customer segments, and campaigns, optimizing resources and maximizing revenue potential. Once you see performance, then throw money at it (not before).
  • Continuous Adaptation: Growth marketing embraces flexibility. It encourages continuous adaptation to changing market dynamics and customer behaviors. This nimble approach allows businesses to quickly pivot strategies (like messaging, targeting, or channel mix). You’ll seize emerging opportunities, and stay ahead of the competition, leading to accelerated revenue growth.

Each of these three practices can be whole departments unto themselves. Or you can run lean if you stay organized. But the power of design thinking, agile development, and growth marketing put together can unlock newfound speed and flexibility for even the largest enterprise teams.

Three Five Two
Three Five Two

Three Five Two is an innovation and growth firm that helps companies build new products, find new customers and pioneer new ventures.

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