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New ideas are the lifeblood of business growth. And if you’re not generating new ideas on purpose, with process, then you’re leaving growth to chance.

In this workshop, we’ll tease out the best ideas lurking inside the brains of your team, extracting the best starts to creating value and solving problems for your customers.

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In just one day…

… your team will go through several proven ideation exercises.

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First, you’ll align on your customer definition and empathize with their problems. You’ll be inspired by winning products outside your category, from companies blazing trails in UX and value creation. And you’ll play - yes, play! Your team will laugh their way to crazy ideas, surprise themselves and each other, and learn that “I can’t draw” won’t hold them back.

Later in the day you’ll get serious, applying rigor and scrutiny to pressure test the most promising ideas. Flesh them out. Make them better.

After your team leaves, we’ll polish up the design, and give you next steps to not only validate high desirability of your idea with users, but also next steps on how to get a quick gauge on market viability of bringing your best new idea to market.

We’ll provide expert facilitation, prompts, exercises and final notes. 

If desired, we can bring subject matter experts with experience in topics ranging from design, technology, marketing to help add perspectives to your team.

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