Case Study

Cox Enterprises & Experience Joint Venture: INWEGO

Industry: Sports, Entertainment
Size: $21M

The Business Problem

inwego app

Experience, a B2B mobile commerce, flexible ticket sales and data solutions platform, existed to transform the way fans attended events. Experience created a season ticket app technology aimed at personalizing live experiences and empowering sports and entertainment leaders to generate new revenue streams, sell more tickets, and make smarter decisions.

As the B2B event white label app market became saturated, Experience recognized their susceptibility to commoditization and saw an opportunity to go direct to consumers with a new product. The company spun up a new venture, INWEGO, to give fans a subscription service through an app that provides tickets to unlimited sports and live events for a flat fee every month.

Experience had never launched a consumer product before and needed guidance in determining who its target audience would be as well as how to go to market and make decisions to scale. The new INWEGO team was small, needed strategic firepower, and an approach to scale its marketing team as they grew. Enter 352.

What We Did

352 took a phased growth marketing approach designed to quickly build learnings we could leverage for future expansions. For the first phase, the team solidified our go-to-market messaging, honed in on our target market segments, and tested the effectiveness of marketing channels with small budgets.

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In-market testing revealed that sports seasonality and fan behavior would limit our ability to scale to meet INWEGO’s business objectives. The business began a critical pivot to include other live entertainment events with a loyal existing fan base, but less impacted by seasonality.

In phase 2, we launched our market expansion strategy with a more robust product offering to include concerts and other entertainment events. We grew significant awareness through expanded paid and owned media channels that had proven successful in both markets during phase 1.

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During this time our team built a flexible CMS and website that enabled location detection services as the product expanded to new markets, while being easy for INWEGO’s marketing team to use without development resources.

Subsequent phases continued to test new channels, creative and messaging while also continuing market expansion. We helped INWEGO develop internal capabilities and plan for a successful marketing organization. As new hires were brought on, we onboarded them to the strategies and tactics that had driven success by developing a market expansion playbook and working side-by-side with them as we expanded to new markets. We trained them on martech tools, and on collecting data and creating insights and how to transform those insights into action.

What Happened

Our efforts were wildly successful, having found a viable value prop for the new venture, uncovering the right audiences and finding market fit in each of the six major cities we targeted. We were also able to tell the right story to sports and live entertainment franchises looking to find new audiences of fans. Fans benefited from access to highly-sought after events and the partners got incredible behavior data on these coveted new audiences. The true success of our efforts resulted in launching and scaling a new venture while building internal marketing capabilities to take the work forward.

68,687app installs


an average ROAS of$7.65

growth in subsequent cities

The lessons we learned in the Atlanta marketing in Phase 1 allowed us to scale new market efforts in phase 2 quickly and efficiently.

We couldn’t be happier with where we are. I’m very impressed with how smooth the ramp up has been as well as the deliverables we’ve received. Your team has been instrumental in helping us hit our goals. Thanks for all the hard work. It’s all very exciting and we couldn’t have done it without you all.”Chris LeCraw, GM INWEGO, Experience LLC


  • Problem Refinement
  • Customer Discovery
  • Go-to-Market Strategy
  • Growth Strategy
  • Scaling Support
  • Capability Building
  • Digital Product Design and Development

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