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How we helped a Fortune 100 company scale its innovation practice.

With the goal of finding and researching new opportunities to innovate in unknown territories, we created two multi-disciplinary pods that would integrate tightly with Nationwide’s product and marketing teams. After an initial research phase, each team was challenged with building and launching a new product with test and learn methodologies to scale into commercialization.

In a little under 18 months, we found, built, and launched two new products to market.

Together with Nationwide, we created two hybrid innovation pods designed to leverage innovation, design thinking, and research frameworks to help find, build and grow innovative new products in unfamiliar markets. 

We deployed a team of researchers, designers, technologists, product managers, business leads, and marketing strategists to integrate with Nationwide’s team and work in 3-week research sprints to find and validate opportunities. In a little under 18 months, we found, built and launched two new products to market, with another two pending in the next 6-8 months.

Three Five Two frameworks and processes continue to be implemented across digital product development, marketing and data science to accelerate the company’s transition from Big Brand behavior to customer-centered agility.

Out of the first two products we launched together, one was acquired and continues to service a market based on the research and product strategy created by our teams. The other was adopted into Nationwide's core service offering as an innovative solution that provides a significant competitive advantage.

Services & Capabilities

  • Generative & Evaluative Market Research
  • Product Strategy
  • Product Development
  • Go-to-Market Strategy
  • Multi-Disciplinary Teams
  • Marketing Activation
  • Customer Acquisition