When building a custom website, perfection is a moving target. New technologies emerge, business goals shift and customer demands evolve. That’s why we don’t chase perfection; instead, we aim to develop a core product as quickly as we can. The faster we can get a minimum viable product out the door, the quicker we can receive feedback from the people who matter most: your customers. That feedback ultimately allows us to create a better, more useful product that the customer actually wants.

It’s that difference in thinking that makes a digital product more valuable than a simple website. Rather than launching a full-fledged product after months of development, we work in rapid sprint cycles to get a product to market in 90 days or less. Once your website or app is in the hands of users, we establish a robust user feedback cycle to validate ideas and to learn if a product idea actually resonates with end users.

A useful customer feedback loop includes:

  • Analytics and Insights
  • User surveys and focus groups
  • Usability research and evaluation
  • Optimization and multivariate testing
  • Moderated testing to watch real users interact with the site

Armed with this data, experience analysis gets interesting. Iteration and future development cycles are guided by feedback from users – hard data, not hunches. An MVP offers a compelling platform for learning and change, and future launches deliver features that you know will resonate with customers.

The work during the first launch gets a lot attention – after all, it’s where the project takes shape – but we consider the next round of development to be the most crucial. Validated through rapid prototyping and user testing, every design decision supports your product strategy and drives future growth.

Everything a business thinks is true about itself is merely a hypothesis until tested in the marketplace. Only when the product is in the hands of users can the hypothesis be proven as fact, and even this can shift over time. That’s why we focus on future iterations – they serve as the proving ground for what your digital product can truly achieve.

The days of creating static, “perfect” projects right out of the gate are gone. By testing, learning and iterating, we can discover where your business opportunity truly lies, focus on that opportunity and provide your business the insight to achieve success.



Robert Berris is EVP and Managing Director of Three Five Two where he leads company strategy and day-to-day operations.