Sure, South Korea has higher broadband speeds.  Online banking is better in some African countries (really?).  But in a new study, America is the best at making good use of its overall communications. Stephen Colbert will be so proud (begin chant of USA, USA now please).

Woohoo!  This feeling is unlike any olympic gold.  Forget the 1980 USA hockey team or Magic Johnson on the dream team.  What a big win for America.  I mean, when you’re judging a country, you’ve really got to look at how they use their communications infastructure first and foremost.  Then I think come humanitarian issues and education. 

I make fun, but that is an interesting study.  It basically concludes that its not about having the fastest internet, the highest penetration of broadband connectivity, or the lowest costs from carriers.  It’s about how you implement those tools to better your businesses, personal lives, and overall economy.  Apparently we’re good at that. 

Full article is here.

Stephen Colbert, True American


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