Xerox announced today that they busted a former employee who allegedly stole toner and sold it online.  The mainstream media is calling this a toner scam, but they’re not looking at the big picture.  If you’ve bought ink recently, I think you know what I’m talking about.

With all the press about the price of oil, we’re overlooking the real scam.  When the Jed was shooting at some food and hit black gold, I don’t think it was oil.  No, it was ink.  So what if oil is $3.00 a gallon?  Ink is over $4.00 per ounce!  That’s right, per ounce.  By my math, that’s $512 a gallon! (double check me there, because I don’t believe it either…ink is $4.00 per ounce, 128 ounces in a gallon)

Where’s Al Gore’s movie about that? 

Is ink really more precious than oil?  I just don’t see that.  If so, where are the massive ink refineries?  Why aren’t people talking about “Big Ink,” and why hasn’t Bush gone to war for ink yet? 

I understand the economics of a loss leader.  Sell the printer for cheap, make it back with the ink.  Works with cell phones too, but at least you can still call 911 if you don’t pay for your service.  Can I print a help note if I’m out of toner?  Nope.  Speaking of that business model, how about we sell cars for $1 and the fill-ups cost a little more?

So, if you’re as shocked as I am, you’ll want to take action.  Take a look at the Cheapskate’s Guide to Printing for some money-saving tips.  And then put all of your money in ink futures.  The market is bullish, or bull something…
ink cartridge


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