ICANN, the organization that oversees domain names, is considering allowing some new extensions to the already long list of things like .com, .net, and .org.  They’ve rejected the idea of allowing numbers, since browsers (the programs, not the people) might confuse them with IP addresses.  However they’re looking to move forward with extensions like .pdf, .doc, and .mp3.  While that may not confuse browsers (the programs, not the people), it will confuse the hell out of me as a browser (a person, not a program).

I can just see it now. 

Friend of Mine: Did you see the new FallOutBoy.mp3?
Me: Um, I heard it.
FOM: You heard it?
Me: Yes, that’s how I normally process music.  Is there a new way I’m not aware of?
FOM: I’m talking about their Web site.
Me: You can hear Web sites now?  Cool!
FOM:  What?
Me: Huh?
FOM: I hate you.

Boom, thanks to ICANN, I just lost a hypothetical friend.  Now apply that same conversation to .pdf’s or .doc’s, and I might lose a customer in a similar exchange.  Now what if I were you?  Really makes it hit home, huh?

Really brings new meaning to the term .wtf, now doesn’t it?


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