I love it when I find new sites that do things for me.  I’ve hit the gold mine with this new find! is a new site that tracks the blog buzz for the presidential candidates.  It claims to actually be able to measure if a post is positive or negative, and based on that it gives each candidate a bloggy score buzz index ranking thing.  Great!

No longer will I have to read posts, ponder them, and form opinions.  This site takes care of this.  All I have to do is check in every few days to see what I think.  If only this could vote for me to…

Honestly though, the blogosphere will play a large role in the election process this year, even more so than last time.  I love that John Q. Public is essentially on the same (or in some cases, higher) level with the press.  Without pesky advertisers to worry about, they can actually say what they think!  Revolutionary!

I don’t think the election will be won or lost online, but I think it will play a role.  I’ll be curious to see the impact the blogs have in the history books of the future.


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