A local radio station recently rolled out a new app that lets listeners vote for which songs to play next. While I only listen to the station sporadically on my commute, the idea intrigued me. I’m not sure whether this is a way to gain fan involvement or a way to reduce overhead by eliminating the need for a DJ, but it got me thinking: What other apps could we create to make our lives easier/better? So, I turned to my 352 Media Group teammates and asked them: If you could create an app that controls anything, what would you create?

Damion: The cards I get while playing poker.

Amy: The price of items while I’m shopping. The amount of cars in a parking lot. The number of people at the bar. The amount of emails that I receive in an hour. The ability to eliminate the sound of doorbells on the television so my dog doesn’t go berserk.

Erin: The people who sit next to you on planes. People who walk into my neighborhood bar. What people post on Facebook.

Brian: Office climate controls. Restaurant/gym/store overheard music. TV channel selections in restaurants. Driving privileges.

Mike: A voice filter that masks any words said by a member of Congress into Jon Stewart’s impression of Queen Elizabeth. A way to control the noise my dogs’ paws make at night so when they see a cat outside my door at 3 AM, it doesn’t sound like a SWAT team is coming to gently rouse me from my sleep.

Rain: An app that identifies a drink using a photo and breaks down the components of the drink.

Geoff: The score of the Sugar Bowl this year. I would have liked to take control of that.

Michelle Brownstein: [My husband] Peter Brownstein.

Peter Brownstein: I would love an app that controls me, too. Force myself to wake myself up in the morning, eat the right food, go to the gym and work when I am exhausted and just want to go home.

Nick: I would control control itself so only I am in control, the remainder of known and unknown existence would then be left to flourish in utter chaos.

If you could create an app that controlled anything, what would you want it to do?

Photo credit: Adam Jackson Photo credit: Jorge Quinteros via Compfight cc


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