It only natural that one side would say one thing and other something entirely different.  That’s basically what it comes down to when you are talking about Microsoft’s bid for Yahoo.  They sorta kinda need each other, but neither ones wants to belly up to the bar and accept what the other thinks is fair.

Well a study just came out that says that Yahoo actually took some ad dollars away from Goggle in the Q1 this year.  This is highly irregular as everyone has a natural pecking order and no one dare defy the Eye.  The eye is all powerful. Just as it gives us the power to see, it can make your cloak; your red cloak, proof against the blood…The Eye Is All Powerful

Wait, did I say Eye?  I meant Google.  Got lost for a second in early 80’s sci-fi.  Sorry about that.  Moving on…

So what is it going to be? Is Yahoo barely holding on as Microsoft would have you believe, thus making their offer of gazillions reasonable? Or is Yahoo actually worth even more gazillions than Ballmer’s diminutive bid. 

Stay Tuned.


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