Classic showdown here of stupid viral videos.  Two different kinds of stupidity here though, so it’s a tough call to name the winner.

First up is the pro: Nike.  To promote a new shoe, they’ve got NBA great Kobe Bryant jumping over a speeding Aston Martin.  Enjoy:


Now as for how stupid this is, obviously he didn’t really do it.  More on that here and in Kobe’s words here.  Hollywood, baby!  But just because he wasn’t stupid enough to risk his life and career for a stunt, that doesn’t mean the video is off the hook.  Regardless of how many times he says it, there will be a hundred kids with a hundred civics trying this this weekend. 

Which brings me to video number two.  The questions here are is it stupid, and if so, is it more stupider than Kobe’s?  I think it’s stupid because of the stunt itself, but I also thing he’s stupid for not profiting from his video like Kobe.  While I obviously don’t condone what Kobe and Nike did, I’m equally against risking one’s life when there isn’t a windfall of cash on the other end.  Watch and see:

Holy cow.  I forgot how stupid that was.  OK, that wins.  However I’m still very disappointed in Nike’s irresponsible ad.  I think they can save face now by coming out with a “how to” ad showing specifically, without coy inuendo, that this was fake and shouldn’t be attempted. 

Last thing…this is an example of a much less stupid professional athlete.  Sure, he risked injury and loss of professional athlete status, but not death.  But once again, he didn’t capitalize!  BTW, its Kansas City Royals outfielder Joey Gathright.


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