We have an amazing tool built in our sales Proposal Request form. It records all the normal information we ask for and a bit more, such as IP address and referring site.

IP address is important because I can verify that the IP address is infact from the general area that the potential client is telling me they are from by using this tool

    • Example: I get a proposal request from Ken, who claims he is from New York, but I trace his IP and it is from New Zealand – I know something is up here and tread carefully.

Referring site (this is a beauty), it will track what site the user came from before landing on our site, so if you used Google to find us, it will supply  a link and I can check that link to see the keywords the user searched for to find our site.

    • Example – “ann arbor michigan graphic design companies”  see example here

So this gives me some important information before potential sales call

  • We are First or Forth “depending how you look at it” on Google for these keywords
  • It gives me a good idea who else the client may have contacted
  • 3point7designs,  now Ingenex Digital Marketing, who I share an office space with, are number 2. I know that this specific client has most likely contacted them after me.  We have a verbal non-compete agreement, so it was important for me to bring this up with Derek and Ross, in case we end up competing for the same client.

Having this type of technology on our site is extremely helpful. I now offer it as a standard feature on all my proposals because the information it can provide is very valuable to the sales process.

Contact me if you would like this feature added to your site.


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