TSA Officer Asleep at the WheelIf I had to list agencies of companies least likely to ever change, the TSA would be top 5 for sure.  Not only is it synonymous with poor customer service, but it’s part of the government.  The only time bureaucrats change?  A coup.

That’s why I was so surprised and happy when I read about the impact of the new TSA blog.  First off, the fact that they have a blog in the first place is newsworthy.  Not the group I’d expect to be embracing Web 2.0.  Anyhow, as expected they took their lumps within hours of the blog going live.  The site saw 700 posts with complaints about the agency’s practices in the first day alone!  I cry if we get one client complaint.  700 might make me suicidal!

So what did they do with that information?  They acted on it.  I’m honestly astonished.  Recaping, individuals can make change.  Didn’t know that.

From the article on

“On Monday afternoon we began receiving questions about airports that were requiring ALL electronics to be removed from carry-on bags (everything, including BlackBerrys, iPods, and even cords). This practice was also mentioned on several other blogs and left us scratching our heads,” the post explained. “So … we checked with our security operations team to figure out what was going on. After some calls to our airports, we learned that this exercise was set up by local TSA offices and was not part of any grand plan across the country.”

TSA said the practice stopped Monday.  

Score one for the blogosphere!

Others in the top 5 of companies/organizations that I’d never expect to change: Any Cable Company, Realtors, Long distance carriers, and the IRS.


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