352-retreat-2013 As a Seinfeld of the business world may say, “What’s the deal with ‘retreats?’ You’re not giving up. They should call them ‘advances.'” While that bit of observational humor is bad, what’s good is for everyone in our organization to get together and talk about what’s gone on and what’s next. And for 352, retreats only makes sense with guiding principles that include:

  • Everything starts with inspired people.
  • Teamwork amplifies our talents and elevates our abilities.
  • Celebrating wins fuels our culture.

$25 Pyramid Winners

On Friday, we all gathered at the Hippodrome Theatre to talk about company-wide initiatives. (See the photo above.) Later in the day, we broke into departments to discuss more granular activities. In the evening, it was department dinners (Satchel’s for the marketing team.)On Saturday, it was more team building, with groups going skeet shooting, paintballing, rollerskating, go-karting, and more. And the retreat is capped off by the ICE Awards banquet (Innovate/Create/Elevate).

Guardian of the brand, Damion Wasylow, recounts the night’s winners.






correx: Nick Forneris







Eric was at his wedding the day of the banquet, but I was able to get this video of him receiving the award Friday.

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