You’ve probably seen me post links to MSDN’s “This Week on Channel9” before.  Brian and Dan, the hosts of that show, are good friends of mine.  After watching their show for a few months, we decided to start up our own little version here at 352 Media.  It’s not a parody or competition by any means.  Instead, consider it an homage. 

We take a look at some industry news in the interactive marketing and Web development space, as well as a look at what’s new with our company; blog posts, site launches, etc. 

Take a look, learn, and let me know your comments.   We want to make this a regular feature that’s actually helpful to you as a marketing professional, client, potential client, or developer, so your feedback is paramount.



Industry News

:24 – ICANN Domain Issues (

1:32 – Flash Files More SEO Friendly (…)

Recent Blog Posts
3:55 – 352 Field Day Videos

4:20 – BBQ Cookoff Results

5:45 – Silverlight Beta 2 Developer Highlights / Deep Zoom

7:03 – Interesting Client Photo

New Site Launches
8:06 – Microsoft’s Voip Without Barriers site

8:52 – Mayo Clinic Physician Referral Service Interactive CD-ROM


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