You know you need high-quality content to attract new visitors and to inspire those visitors to become customers, but knowing the right content for the right visitor isn’t always the easiest thing to determine. Even knowing when a visitor needs information can be tricky – the average B2B consumer has already completed 60% of their purchasing decision before they ever reach your website. Sales cycles have become drastically compressed, and delivering the right content to the right user right when they need it is a true sales-and-marketing balancing act.

That’s where your drip campaign comes in. This episode of 352 Noodles & Doodles, Senior Marketing Strategist Jill Jones – our resident marketing automation guru – will explain how a proper email Drip Campaign will help you deliver incremental content, targeted to specific users, to help increase conversions and customer satisfaction. Enjoy!

Transcription below.

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[Jill Jones:] Hi, my name is Jill Jones and I’m a Senior Marketing Strategist at 352. Today I’m going to talk to you a little bit about Drip Campaigns. You may be wondering – what is a drip campaign? A drip campaign, by definition, is a series of automated messages sent in a pre-defined order to take recipients through the sales cycle.
Today, sales cycles have changed. More and more prospects are doing research prior to making a decision or reaching out to a sales person. Modern marketers must be prepared to serve up content through the phases of a buyer’s journey. This is where drip campaigns come in.
Let’s talk about the benefits. First benefit is timely information. As I said, you may have prospects within areas, different sections of the sales cycle. You’re going to want to deliver relevant content to them in the phase of the cycle that they’re in.
For example, you’re trying to build awareness for someone at the top of the funnel: you may want to send them one type of content versus somebody who you know is ready to make a sale.
Second benefit is lead nurturing. Once you’re able to gather all your leads, you want to make sure you stay top of mind. Building out a drip campaign and deploying it to those leads that you’ve collected is a great way to nurture those leads along the sales cycle until they become sales-ready leads.
Another great benefit is automation. By using a marketing automation tool, you can deploy drip campaigns to touch all your different leads. This really frees up marketing and sales resources so they can focus on other initiatives like getting more leads or closing some leads.
So now that you know the benefits, let’s a little bit about some best practices.
First one is segmentation and personalization. You don’t want to deliver the same message to everyone in your database. You want to make sure to go through and segment your database based on their needs. So it could be by their industry, or by their job title, or it could cat owners versus dog owners.
Once you’ve determined the segment of each database, you will then want to personalize that content to that segment. I’m not talking about, “Dear John, here’s a great email.” I’m talking more about delivering content that is really going to resonate with John.
Another best practice is a Preference Page. This is an easy page that you can set up on your website, particularly with your marketing automation tool, that you can allow the user to say what type of content they want to receive and how often they want to receive it. Once you have that information, it’s easy to deploy a drip campaign to cater to their requests.
My third suggestion for best practice is monitoring your results. Obviously, you want to know how effective your drip campaign is, and the best way to do that is to monitor the results all through the process. You can then make decisions – are my subject lines working? Am I getting a good open rate? What about my calls to actions? Are they strong, and am I getting good click-through rates?
You can also determine, “What should my content strategy look like in the future?” By determining how people are engaging with your drip campaign, you’ll really get good insights.
I hope this information was really helpful about drip campaigns. We’d love for you to subscribe to 352 on YouTube, and follow our blog on Look forward to more tips in the future! 


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