I asked a question on LinkedIn a while back, “What are the deciding factors for Men shopping online?

Here are the replies I received….

My question?

I asked a question 2 weeks ago “What are the deciding factors for women shopping online?” and the feedback was very interesting. I would like to hear now from males on the the same topic so I can compare the answers.

1) MBA

If price and product are identical then:

– Brand: I’d rather a buy a shirt from A/X’s website than the same shirt at Amazon, same with sports equipment, I’d rather buy it from Nike store or Nike’s website than ebay.

– Credibility: I’d rather buy from Amazon than some random online shopping/ deal’s websites

2) NetBuilder

laziness is the motivator so convenience is the answer

3) Regional Sales Manager at eircom

Convenience / Time saving factors/ Delivery to Door etc as to why shop online. Preference for own brand sites i.e Nike Store or Amazon for reputation of service and delivery

4) Owner, Proformance Marketing

Name Brand: This links to credibility Presentation of Product: (Non Name Brand) If the web site looks like it is professionally done, in my opinion could possibly be more creditable. (More likely to recieve the product purchased) If the site has secure pay: More over if the site had secure pay, the company had to qualify to obtain the secure pay link. (Also a better chance to get your money back) The usual factors: Price, availability and shipping cost

5) Conversational systems

I often buy things online because I live in the country and it’s a 40 minute round trip for me to any shopping centre. With the price of fuel going up, postage and packaging charges are beginning to look very reasonable. And it’s much quicker to buy online than go out shopping.

These are the things I look for:

1. Have they got what I’m looking for in stock?

2. Is it at a reasonable price, including VAT and delivery charges? (Often you don’t find the answer until you get to the checkout. Bad.)

3. Does it look like a reasonably professional business? Does the website inspire confidence?

If there are positive answers to all three points, I order. I tend to return to sites where I’ve shopped before, as there’s less uncertainty, so you could say I remain loyal if I get good service.

So basically for me it’s a typically male goal-oriented procedure of getting what I want with minimum hassle! Price is only one factor; but the more expensive something is, the better I research the relative prices. Oh, and one of my pet peeves is sites that make you “register” before you can buy anything. I don’t want to register as a continuing customer, I want to buy once and move on.

6) Owner at Peoples Health Insurance, LLC

I would pick the Web site with the reputation that I trust the most.

7) Student at Chapman University

Since men are more technical savvy than women (no offense), they look at websites that they make sure their financial information is safe and secure: credit cards in this case

For example take a look at these 2 websites:

Both websites are selling the same exact products right? the first one is selling the phone for a cheaper price but look at how all the information is organized. There is no sign of what kind of credit cards this website accepts even it is secured by Hacker Safe. The second website just by looking at it you get a relief! Everything is in its place and organized even the seller is trying to promote other compatible products with the item that you are buying.

I had live chat support system on my website and with a picture of a blond girl on it. Even there was a male technician behind the system I noticed that male customers where asking what kind of product “she” likes or chooses!! so definitely sex sales.

My last opinion is for the delivery time. God knows but somehow men are in a hurry when they purchase something online but women are more laid back and they take things easier and more relaxed.

8) Entrepreneur

My answer is a combination of things (not necessarily in this order): timeliness, professionalism, image, professional associations, and corporate social responsibility (CSR). Hope this helps.

So based on this feedback from a range of male shoppers there seems to be a few factors that stand out.

  1. Men don’t bother researching nor do they care about customer experiences
  2. Men don’t care about returns/refunds policy
  3. Convenience is very important to men
  4. Brand Identity is very important to men

Look out for my post on how write an effective ecommerce proposal for male shoppers.


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