I’m happy to see our new company blog, Ranting & Raving, has officially launched!  We developed this blog software from the ground up, mainly because we wanted to add some customizations that typical blog software such as WordPress didn’t offer.  Also, we like doing things ourselves and learning from the experience.  Now we also have a pretty robust blog tool that we can resell to our clients.

Launching our own company blog was an idea that Peter VanRysdam (VP, Sales) and I concocted because we felt it would be beneficial to our company and the industry in general.  Specifically, we hoped to achieve a few goals by launching this blog (in no particular order)…

1.  Further position our team as subject matter experts in the interactive media industry.
2. Add great, fresh content to our Web site, which will boost our search engine rankings.  This blog is now part of our overall content and search marketing strategy.
3.  Better connect with others in the industry and make some connections as a result.
4.  Attract potential clients based on our demonstrated knowledge of different interactive media topics.
5.  And have some fun expressing ourselves along the way…

Thanks to our internal team who put this blog together from the ground up — Raina Van Cleave (Project Management), Jean Tanis (Design), Xiao Liu (Programmer) and Charles Cook (Programmer / Launch Support).

Now it’s time to rant and rave!


Geoff is a true entrepreneur. He’s passionate about helping companies find, build and grow their next big idea. He launched his first venture at age 16, when he started a computer store in a shopping mall in Sarasota, Florida. Since then, he’s built eight more companies.