Just who is Larry Hipp? Until yesterday, 352 Media staff knew little more than rumors of supposed expertise in agile app development and senior leadership. One enterprising designer dug deeper to ask the difficult questions about our new director of programming on his first day in the office.

Larry Hipp: Radical, or Pretty Chill Guy? We’re just asking questions here.

Larry, unaware of the speculation surrounding him, quietly began his workday. As he met with his new teams of developers and designers here at 352, Larry found a group of people clearly susceptible to his radical message of Agile development. Bringing experience in Agile from his former company Thuzi, which provides social media software for event marketing, he spoke against the old ways of web development.

“I think as an industry that waterfall has been a failed development strategy, continually not delivering the results it promised,” he said. “Agile takes the stress off of waterfall’s ‘box’ of dates and deadlines to let you focus on things to get them done well.”

Now at the helm of a group of highly trained web operatives with access to advanced development techniques and some newly unsupported software, Larry probably thought he’d shed his shadowy past. Then he saw the web of truth being built in our intrepid designer’s office.

Upon seeing the board, linking him to the Cuban Missile Crisis, the housing market crash and questionable yoga routines, Larry initially scoffed. However, when he sighted Gov. Rick Perry, he did admit to being a native Texan.

“So you may be on to something,” he said.

Of course we were.

We’ll be keeping an eye on the work of Larry and his new development teams, but we suggest you stay tuned to learn what our teams launch under their new leadership.


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