Tomorrow is a big day for us.  In addition to speaking at the American Marketing Association in Jacksonville, FL, Geoff Wilson and I will also be hosting a webinar about a topic many marketers struggle with: merging design an SEO to create a site that appeals to both audiences. 

We’d love for you to join us.  You can register at  If you can’t make it tomorrow, we’ll be posting the video as soon as we can. 

What’s the point of a beautiful Web site if no one can find it?  Or a site that appeals to search engines but puts your customers to sleep?  In this live Webinar, we explain the ins and outs of developing a Web site that pleases both audiences.  Specifically we’ll examine the development process for an actual project, discussing the challenges they faced along the way and how we addressed them.  We’ll hear from the client, members of 352 Media Group’s development team, and experts from Search Agency.

In this session you’ll learn…

–  Common mistakes that turn off search engines
–  How aesthetics don’t have to be compromised for high rankings
–  Real-life examples of challenges and solutions, and
–  How these same lessons can be put to use on your company’s Web site immediately!

Presenters will include: Geoff Wilson, 352 Media Group President & CEO
Peter VanRysdam, 352 Media Group Vice President of Marketing
Jodi Higbee, 352 Media Group Product Manager
Jeffrey Willenbrink, Search Agency Director of Sales & Business Development
Patrick Knauer, Search Agency Director of Account Services
Michael Fellows, American Biosurgical


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