Gainesville, Fla. ‘ Sometimes, size does matter. But the size of your businesses shouldn’t affect the quality of your website.

At least that’s what award-winning Web design company 352 Media Group thinks.

352 Media Group, a Web development and digital marketing firm, has created a new division tailored specifically to small businesses and startups. The Gainesville-based company, which features offices in Atlanta and Tampa, hopes the small business Web design services they offer will help clients lay a strong core foundation for their websites.

Jan Siemaszko, director of sales and marketing for 352 Media’s small business-focused department, said he was excited about the opportunity to use the talent and resources 352 Media has already established to benefit small businesses across the country.

‘Just because you own a small business doesn’t mean your Web design shouldn’t rival your larger competitors,’ Siemaszko said. ‘With a company of more than 50 professionals standing behind your website, we’re able to provide companies with a better small business website.’

The new department features small business Web designers who can provide big-business results on a startup budget. The custom and affordable Web design packages provide more detail than the services offered by traditional small business Web design companies that only offer templates to business owners looking for a new website.

‘We’re thrilled about the ability to offer more of our Web design services to prospective clients who might not have tens of thousands of dollars to spend on a big-budget website,’ said Geoff Wilson, 352 Media’s CEO and president. ‘Being able to provide more affordable Web design services allows us to offer a better experience to businesses of all sizes.’

352 Media Group’s small business division also offers standard and ongoing search engine optimization services, as well as social media management. Creating a new website for a small business is a great start, but it’s only half the battle. Making it easy for clients and search engines to find a new website is the only way to grow a business’s Web presence, and 352 Media Group offers a team of dedicated SEO and digital marketing professionals who can deliver results.

About 352 Media Group

352 Media Group delivers a better experience. As a full-service Web development and digital marketing company, 352 Media Group provides a complete approach to business development. From developing websites and creating mobile applications to launching integrated marketing campaigns, 352 Media Group helps build and establish its clients as major players within their industries. 352 Media Group’s holistic offerings include Web application development, such as Facebook app development; mobile development, such as Windows Phone app development; interactive motion graphics, such as Microsoft Surface and Silverlight development; and digital marketing, such as social media marketing campaigns and search engine optimization services.


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