Gainesville, Fla. Crashing stock markets. Decreasing credit rankings. Last-minute debt ceiling negotiations that come uncomfortably close to forcing our country into financial default. Would you want to leave your financial certainty in someone else’s hands right now?

That’s why Web design company 352 Media Group decided to take control of its own economic future.

The Web development and digital marketing firm turned its recent hirings into its own version of an economic stimulus plan, hiring 11 new employees to begin work within a two-week span. With five new programmers, five new designers and a client strategy consultant all slated to start between August 15-22, 352 Media believes hiring these new employees will help the company consistently deliver a better experience to its clients.

‘We really pride ourselves on being so responsive to our clients’ needs, and we realized to maintain that standard, we needed some additional staff members to join our team,’ said Geoff Wilson, 352 Media Group’s president and CEO. ‘We anticipate a lot of great opportunities in our company’s future. These 11 new employees will help us not only meet, but exceed our clients’ expectations.’

Designers Dallas Barnes and Steve Waugh will remain at 352 Media’s Gainesville headquarters, while Ryan DeBeasi and Bobby Donathan will head to the company’s Atlanta office and Tabitha Karcher will assist with 352 Media’s Tampa’s office in Ybor City. Client Strategy Consultant Jaime Green will work out of the company’s Seattle Web design office where she will support the company’s Washington-based clients, which include Microsoft and Outback Steakhouse. Beginning August 22, programmers Gerard NiBlack, Michael Levkoff, Michael Truluck, Weston Oyama and Michael Sheftic will help support 352 Media with its programming needs for its custom and small business Web design clients.

‘This is a really exciting time for our company,’ Wilson said. ‘We have a lot of great engagements before us, and I’m eager to see how these new staff members will complement our company’s culture and benefit our client relationships.’

About 352 Media Group

352 Media Group delivers a better experience. As a full-service Web development and digital marketing company, 352 Media Group provides a complete approach to business development. From developing websites and creating mobile applications to launching integrated marketing campaigns, 352 Media Group helps build and establish its clients as major players within their industries. 352 Media Group’s holistic offerings includeWeb application development, such as Facebook app development; mobile development, such as Windows Phone app development; interactive motion graphics, such as Microsoft Surface and Silverlight development; and digital marketing, such as social media marketing campaignsand search engine optimization services.


352 is an innovation and growth firm. Leading companies hire us to find billion-dollar opportunities, build killer new products and create hockey-stick growth. We bring grit and new-fashioned thinking to innovation, digital development and growth marketing.