Every year puts out rankings of interactive companies across several categories…Web design, hosting, organic search marketing, etc.  Well, out of 854 Web design companies on their site, they’ve named us the fourth best (view here).  Not too shabby! based their results on independant research that evaluated our company’s site as well as those on our portfolio.  More specifically, their site says they evaluate based on the following:

Customer feedback is a criteria that is evaluated in determining the rankings. In evaluating each applicant, considers the following key factors:

  • What are the applicant firm’s competitive advantages?
  • How are the applicant’s services and pricing levels superior to the competition?
  • What is the availability of customer and technical support?
  • What is the average response time and time-to-resolution for client problems?
  • What SLA does the applicant provide?
  • What other attributes/innovations does the applicant provide to set it apart from the competition?
  • What is the average rating for the firm in terms of customer service?
  • What is the average rating for the firm in terms of efficiency?
  • What is the average rating for the firm in terms of overall performance?

It is interesting that last year we were on the list of the top 5 SEO friendly development firms.  Looks like they broke the list out further this year, which is great.  Also, thanks to Jeev at for letting us know about the rankings and the rating criteria.  We’re pumped to be mentioned in such great company! 


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