I had good timing last night.  I was working on my computer and occasionally looking up at the TV.  I had been switching between a few different channels, one of which was ESPN.  And I happened to click onto ESPN and look up right as Bonds was stepping up to the plate… and then POW… there goes No. 756!

It was a cool moment, dispite all of the controversy surrounding the guy.  Yes, I believe he took steriods, as does most of the free world.  But also consider that many pitchers were likely also taking steriods during this era, which levels the playing field a little bit.  Regardless of steriods, it’s still an incredible accomplishment and a historic moment.  And it was pretty fun watching it live. 

The celebration afterwards was perfect.  Bonds got to stay a few words and then Henry Aaron delivered his congratulations from the jumbotron.  It was the perfect length and content — classy, touching and not too long.

Even more fun was watching the massive scuffle for the baseball.  Basically it’s like throwing a million dollars into a crowd and watching everyone jump on the money.  I’m surprised no one got killed because the pileup was intense.  Thankfully since my DVR was on, I got to watch it back in slow mo a few times and see the crazy reactions of everyone as they piled on top of one another going for the ball.  It was WWE wrestling at its best.

Congrats Mr. Bonds.  Love you or hate you, it’s still a historic accomplishment.


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