We have three clients who recently hired us to develop Virtual Worlds for them.  If you aren’t familiar with Virtual Worlds, they are simulated environments where players create an avitar and walk around a “world”.  Most virtual worlds allow players to chat and interact with other users and sometimes play multiplayer games.

The three Virtual Worlds we are currently developing are all a bit different in nature, although they are all aimed at children and our clients plan to generate considerable revenue from them.  Some of the most successful Virtual Worlds are aimed at children (Webkins and Disney’s Club Penguin, for example), while others are aimed at adults (Second Life and World of Warcraft, to name a few).
But regardless of who they are aimed at, one thing is clear.  Virtual Worlds and MMOs are a huge growth market right now. Check out this chart from Kzero Research showing the growth of several popular Virtual Worlds over the past few years:

(This graphic is hard to read when compressed down, so click here for the full version)

virtual world growth

I have a feeling we will have a lot more Virtual Worlds in production in the years to come as more of our clients catch on to this trend!


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