When a new technology comes out, it’s always such a catch 22.  On the one hand, everyone wants to be on the cutting edge.  However our clients also seem hesitant to move forward with a new technology without seeing tons of examples.  Well, by its very nature, there aren’t a stable of projects we can point to to exhibit our competency in a new development tool. 

The launch of Silverlight was no different.  We participated in Microsoft’s “Artist in Residence” program because the RTM version went live, and were actually able to provide feedback right to the engineers.  Given that and our internal training, we were as up-to-speed on Silverlight as you could possibly be.  Even still, interested clients want to see examples of what we’ve done in Silverlight. 

So we decided to create something for ourselves rather than wait until more clients decide to pull the trigger.  In an effort to develop something topical, we built a presidential candidate filter (you’ll need the Silverlight plug-in installed…don’t worry, it’s a one time deal just like Flash).  I’d seen other sites that promised to help you see where the candidates stand on different issues, and they all left something to be desired.  In most cases you’d tell them your views and then it would spit out a candidate that you matched with.  But it never told you why they matched and how they came to that decision.

Our filter shows you in real time exactly how each decision you make affects the results.  If you aren’t happy with who is left, you can simply toggle your view on the issues.  It’s not only informative, but pretty fun. 

Now keep in mind before you go blowing up the comments that issues and views change all the time.  The information here is based on our research at the time it was built and is designed to be a reference.  Please, for the love of America, don’t cast a vote only on what this thing says! If you see a viewpoint you believe is wrong, do let me know.  Also, feel free to suggest additional issues that we didn’t include.

So, that said, feel free to click around and have some fun.  And by all means, share it with your friends.

352 Media Group's Silverlight Candidate Filter


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