There’s no question our sales people have some of the coolest business cards around (See Prior Post: Our Business Cards Are Changing Lives), but now we have great cards for everyone else too, thanks to a great online printer I found (well, actually they found us) called

While our cube cards are an awesome conversation piece, they cost an arm and a leg to print.  We needed to come up with another option that was as unique but less expensive for all of our other customer-facing staffs’ cards.

In a rare case of direct mail working, we got a mailer from with some samples of their SilkCards business cards.  Clicking on the link to the product will give you some good info, but you can’t get the full experience unless you touch them.  I don’t know if its the kind of paper or how they treat it, but it literally feels like you’re holding paper made from silk. 

As an added benefit, they’re tear and water resistant.  So, if you ever find yourself hanging from a cliff by your business card in a monsoon, you’ll be good to go.

What I love most about 4colorprint are their prices.  We’re talking 500 cards with 4 color printing on both sides for under $100.  Very nice.  They’ve been a great vendor of ours, and I really encourage you to check them out if you need a reliable high quality printer for a great price.


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