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Version 1 of “User Insights” started with the question: “What’s the easiest we can make it for all site owners to see how their site’s performing?” The answer starts with giving site owners one less username and password for their critical data to hide behind.

P.S. Not secretly, this was also a motivation for the project.

Making sense of analytics can be a pain in the analysis.

You sift and you segment, but those numbers’ true meanings are absent.

And those stacks of exported .CSVs – yuck!

Not anymore! Introducing “User Insights,” the handsfree data dashboard in 352’s CMS.

Now your entire team can enjoy easy, meaningful data with their website login.

It’s so easy. Just load, login and let “User Insights” do the diggin’.

Your mouse never touches your Google Analytics login screen.


You too will be able to make smarter decisions quickly, knowing:
-How many of your visitors are mobile and on the go
-Your most valuable traffic sources
-What social channels are working best for you
-Your top shared content
-And more.
Infomercial - Dog Stairs
This data is great for everyone, and sure to satisfy!

“User Insights'” unique integration into your 352 site gives you power like no one else can offer.

This data can be pulled up:
-At the office
-In the boardroom
-On the golf course.

And, for a special treat, share with your team the most influential social media mentions of your company. It’s all right there on desktop, laptop, tablet or phone!
Since it always updates, your data is always fresh.

Forget about crowding your download folder with that .CSV mess. Insightful data goes over with decision makers the best.

You can get yours with a new project with 352. Call now.



Yo Dawg Data
Google Trends for “Yo Dawg…” We’re bringing it back.

“Yo Dawg I Herd You Like” Data


Brian Russell is a senior marketing strategist at 352. He's on Twitter a lot, but to get all the extra goodies, Google requires him to say he's on Google+, too.