We’re continuing our virtual Off the Record series with Mallie Eric Preston of AT&T Mobility, who gave us a moment of optimism for businesses and innovation leaders. Our own SVP of Strategy, Kacie Lett, moderated a great conversation with Mallie, who talked about exciting advances in technology and ways of working that are emerging as leading ideas in the world of COVID-19, including:

The status quo is not an option right now, but that’s ok. Businesses are being forced into doing things differently with the current situation. Many can set themselves up for success by looking to the future, adapting and asking, “How can we use this pandemic in a way that provides a better way forward?”

Take advantage of evaluating and implementing tools. Emerging technologies exist right now that will allow innovators to collaborate effectively. This new remote environment forces companies to evaluate and put tools in place in real-time. We can take advantage of tools like Magic Leap that are just hitting the marketplace and weren’t available years ago.

Quick mobilization starts at the top. Despite their over 250,000 employee base, AT&T has been able to quickly mobilize new solutions, because of the top-down servant leadership approach from the management team. AT&T has helped customers through numerous crisis situations in the past, and they will continue to help customers in the future. It’s part of their corporate DNA.

Decision-making requires a North Star. When evaluating short-term fixes, you still have to look at the big picture and think about long-term implications. You have to balance speed to action with consideration of the future in order to avoid making costly mistakes that increase technical debt and potentially set you up for more difficult decisions in the future.

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