We published more than 140 blog posts in 2014, with insights into UX Design, agile web development, scrum best practices, digital marketing, advertising, and even dragons. Yeah, buddy: dragons. To help you round out your year, we’ve put together a list of our 10 most viewed blog posts from 2014. Enjoy!

10. Point/Counterpoint: Is Net Neutrality Necessary – Burton Hohman and Mike Cushing

Net Neutrality will have serious consequences for businesses and their customers, but there are two sides to every story. Two 352 marketers duke it out over Net Neutrality.

9. Best of SXSW14: The Future of Social Media and Content Marketing – Geoff Wilson


SXSW is the Promised Land for marketers, musicians, technologists, hipsters and a zillion other groups. Geoff had the privilege of going to SXSW 14 and wrote up a few thoughts. If you’re a content marketer, check out the biggest insights from one of the biggest marketing conferences on the planet.

8. Why 352 Re-committed to Our Hometown, Gainesville – Geoff Wilson

2014 was a huge year for 352. We hired more than 30 new folks, and we moved into three new offices in Tampa, Atlanta and Gainesville. Atlanta and Tampa offer huge growth opportunities, but we’ve invested heavily to keep our Gainesville office as our headquarters. Learn why in this post from Geoff.

7. 5 SEO Tips for Changing Domain Names – Brittney Sheffield

Companies can have many reasons for changing a domain name, and it’s not that hard to do from a technical standpoint. But what about all the hard work you’ve put into building up the SEO profile of your old website? All is not lost, brave webmaster – start here to learn how to keep your link juice flowing, even on a new domain.

6. MEAN Stack Means New Framework, New OS and Faster Sites – Dennis Pelton

The JavaScript had a pretty turbulent year, but we couldn’t be happier to be a part of that community. Our shift from .NET to the MEAN stack (among other new technologies) has helped us produced some of the best work we’ve ever done.

5. Guerilla Scrum and Getting Shit Done – Daniel Alves

Scrum and agile have become our secret sauce around these parts. Dedicated teams working together on one project to produce awesome digital experience – what’s not to love? But sometimes, we like to tinker with our tried and true formula to see what we can achieve with the bare bones of scrum. The results speak for themselves, and we encourage you to try it for yourself.

4. Looking Back on an Incredible Company Retreat – Mike Cushing


The Race to 3:52 is always an inspiring event for staff, but this year took things to another level. In three days, our teams produced and launched digital products that we continue to produce.

3. User Experience Auditing: 6 Vital Things To Evaluate Before You Drive Visitors Away – Krissy Scoufis

mind-blown-classicIt’s not enough to simply launch a site; you need to know if your site is delivering an experience that turns visitors into customers, or just turns them away. This post offers a simple look at 6 things that you absolutely must monitor to ensure a stellar user experience.

2. What Does QA do on the First Day of a Sprint? – Chris Burns

In a typical web development shop, Quality Assurance analysts are only brought in at the end of a project, just before launch. At 352, we’ve integrated QA into every level of design and development. But since we work in short sprints, what do our QA analysts do on the first day of the sprint? Turns out they do a lot, and if you work in an agile team you need to read this. Like, right now.

1. 7 Things Game of Thrones Can Teach Us About Web Development – Mike Cushing


Game of Thrones is full of valuable life lessons. Most of those lessons involve considerably more bloodshed than we prefer in our daily lives, but there are plenty of nuggets of wisdom the careful web developer can take away from Game of Thrones. Don’t believe us? Well, you know nothing, pal.



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