By now, you hopefully know that marketing automation can take your content strategy and supercharge the results: better leads, a better sales funnel and less tension between your Sales and Marketing teams. I’m an unashamed marketing automation fanatic, but it’s not without its risks. Simply implementing a marketing automation tool isn’t going to magically solve all your problems. When implemented poorly, all it’s going to do is waste you money and have your marketing and sales people waving torches and pitchforks.

So in this week’s Noodles & Doodles, I’m, here to show you how to successfully deploy a marketing automation strategy that works for your business. Check it out below, and make sure to comment!

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[Jill Jones:] Hi, my name is Jill Jones, and I’m a senior digital marketing strategist here at 352. Today, I’m going to talk to you about 3 tips for successful marketing automation implementation. Marketing automation originally started as simple email automation, but it has turned into a much more powerful tool for sales and marketing leads. You can automate lead generation, lead nurturing and lead scoring.
But, as much as I’m a proponent of marketing automation, simply implementing the tool will not get you what you need. You’ll need some tips to really maximize your investment.
My first tip is to start with strategy, not technology. Your marketing strategy should drive how you’re using the technology; the technology should not drive your marketing strategy. You’re gonna want to identify what you’re trying to accomplish. So, whether it’s “I need to generate more leads,” “The leads I’m passing to sales are going stale,” or “I need to be more connected with my customer base.”
For example, if you’re having an issue with passing leads to your sales team, and at that point they’re going cold and Sales is not following up with them. By implementing marketing automation, you may find that by adding a lead-scoring model you’re able to determine when a lead is truly ready to be passed on to Sales. By looking at what you’re trying to solve, you can then take marketing automation and solve some of those issues.
The second point is: I’m going to say a little bit of a bold statement that most marketers wouldn’t agree with: content is not king. Data is King. Any email campaign or lead that you pass to Sales is only as effective as the integrity of the data. If you have bad email addresses, your email segmentation and your email delivery rate are just going to be poor, and the full campaign will not accomplish what you’re trying to accomplish.
As painful as it is, you need to go through data hygiene processes. Lots of times, when you’re implementing a new marketing automation tool, you are taking old data from an old system and putting it into your new system. Well, if you have garbage in your old system, you’re going to have garbage in your new system. Going through that painstaking process of normalizing and cleaning your data will really pay off in spades. Data is King.
Third: Sales and Marketing alignment. Sales and Marketing have always had a certain strain in their relationship. With marketing automation, you can make everyone be friends. So, for example, if Marketing is complaining, “Oh, Sales never follows up on my leads!” Or, Sales is complaining that Marketing passes over horrible leads. You can now use marketing automation to get a gauge of where a buyer is in the buyer cycle. Work with your Sales team to identify, “OK, this is what we call a Marketing-qualified lead, and this is what we call a Sales-qualified lead.”
Once both teams agree on that, the leads that are coming over from Marketing will be what Sales is looking for, and Sales will actually pick up the phone and call on those leads that you’re sending over.
As I said before, just implementing a tool is not going to solve all your problems, but it will certainly get you on the right start by using some of these tips. I hope these were helpful, and we’ve love for you to subscribe to our channel, 352 Inc. Thanks, have a good day!


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