As innovators and industry leaders self-isolate at home in response to the COVID-19 health crisis, 352 launches a new virtual version of its Off the Record series to continue to create connections within the business community.

Off the Record has been a forum where the Atlanta innovation community has convened in-person since 2016. During the current unprecedented times, 352 will continue to provide unique and unscripted stories about learnings, failures, approaches and war stories from innovation leaders, through virtual platforms.

The first episode in the new virtual Off the Record series features a candid conversation between Ayana Johnson, the Innovation Director at Point A and Kacie Lett, SVP of Strategy at 352.

Watch the first Virtual Off the Record

You can watch every Off the Record conversation in the new virtual series by visiting 352’s YouTube channel.

If you have suggestions for upcoming topics or speakers for Off the Record, you can contact the 352 team at


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