Just now, I checked in for my flight to New York and printed off my boarding ticket. In case you’re wondering I’m not in Detroit airport im sitting in my office sipping a soy latte.

I got an email from AA yesterday with a huge red button in the middle that said “Instant Check-in” I basically ignored it as spam (1) and I was so busy yesterday (2).  I was just about to delete it and I decided I would have a look.So simple to use click the BIG RED BUTTON, picked my seat. Oh yeah another bonus I get to sit up the front, ever since I flew first class I hate been down the back. And Another button to print my boarding ticket. I love it these guys have got it right the only thing that can go wrong now is a delayed flight which will leave me in trouble for my 4pm meeting.

Now lots of you have probably used this feature before and are wondering now “old news” I have done that before, You should know about this – well I didn’t and I cant know everything im a rock not an island. But for me the bigger picture here is that from now on I’m going to try and fly with AA (budget permitting) because of the ease of use and the features they have just offered.
Its the little things that turn customers into loyal customers so what if it costs just a little extra they spend the little extra on making my life easier. I must point out that the flight was very cheap .

I’m just a normal person like you, but the more I can do on the web the better, buying flights, paying bills, or reviewing products. Think about it the next time your stood in a Que at your local bank and people are coughing and sneezing beside you and you catch a cold or worse the flu. Or little Britney and Brad are screaming their lungs out. You will thank your preferred vendor that they spent the time and effort on making your life easier by offering online features.

I say demand more from the companies you do business with, and ask for more online functionality, if not for your health but so you can keep me busy.


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