I get lying on your resume. Add a few duties you didn’t really have, make your title a little fancier. You’re a grownup and can take the risk if you want to. But making up a job? That’s sitcom material, right?

I recently posted about the number of people listing our 50-person company as their employer on Facebook. Then I got another Google Alert last night that I thought was just too amusing to overlook. Apparently we’ve now hired Professor Pad Krishna to head up our Los Angeles Medical Practice. Too bad we make Web sites. Not sure that we’re really qualified to give out medical advice. Take a look at the good doctor’s brief public profile:

A great idea came out of the discussion about the previous post. I can’t stop people from listing themselves as employees. Besides, unless they are scamming people in our name, there’s really no reason to bother. So why not take advantage of it? Here’s a great suggestion that Carey Helper made on LinkedIn:

Great idea, right? So go ahead, list yourself as a member of the 352 Media Group team. But don’t stop there. I want to see the best titles you can come up with. No offense to Dr. Krishna, but he can aim higher than professor. Even senior professor sounds better. Make yourself the CEO…I’m sure Geoff won’t mind. Let me know what you come up with by sending me a link to your public profile on LinkedIn or Facebook. There may even be something in it for the most creative title.


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