On Friday from about 10am to 3pm my internet and telephone went down – thankfully I have a mobile with an internet plan that I can get email, and my t-mobile dash will allow me to connect to my laptop just like an air-card with pre PSTN dial ups speeds. What can I say beggars can’t be choosers but it does get you out of a jam when you’re out and about and you need to get stuff done.  

The W Team

Well this is my Rant – how hard would it be for Charter communications to have a sign up area on the site that allowed users to sign up for service outage text / email alerts.  A couple of fields that populated a database name, mobile number, email address, and zip code. So if something happens some bright spark at Charter shoots out a mass text message / email (to smart phones) alerting is customers that the service in zip code xxxxx has gone down for what ever reason we expect it to be back up at xx:xx am/pm but we will give you hourly updates.  

Im going to switch to a AT&T landline because im using Voip at the minute, best not to have all your eggs in one basket especially if you rely on phone and internet daily, so if one goes down I have the other.   Currently im writing a proposal too Charter with a proposed solution. Their site is in .NET so I know we can provide a solution. However, will they listen we will wait and see.

The more I thought about this over the weekend the more perplexed I got – a communications company that doesn’t communicate to its customers, wow just as well they have a monopoly here other wise my internet would be gone too.  

My call to action to you all – if you are having issues with a company and you think it could be fixed by providing a web solution let me know. I will offer a solution and follow up with the appropriate party and try to get it implemented. Any commission I make from the sale will be given too a charity of your choice. Together working as a community, we may be able to make things happen and make life a little easier in this tough environment.


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