The Tampa Bay Times has reimagined its website, Tampabay.com, that was designed by digital agency 352 Media Group.


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‘352 Media Group has been valuable partners to us throughout this journey,’ said Joe DeLuca, Tampa Publisher and Vice President of Tampa Bay Times. ‘We have great appreciation for the talent, expertise and commitment to excellence they brought to the process.’

Tampa Bay Times partnered with 352 Media Group in June 2011 to redesign Tampabay.com. They needed to better serve their users, further grow the audience, increase user engagement and make content easier to find.

To do so, they held focus groups with readers and advertisers, solicited feedback from their readers, and incorporated user-centered web design to provide an optimal experience.

“Tampa Bay Times has so many different types of users so we knew we had to work across multiple devices,” said Pete Bernardo, Director of Design at 352 Media Group. “We gave them a seamless experience, whether they’re on the move, at the office or at home eating breakfast.”

The new Tampabay.com provides smarter search, easier navigation, more video content, responsive web design and tighter integration with social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

Experience Tampabay.com Reimagined yourself or check out our screen shots of the new website.

About Tampabay.com

Tampabay.com is powered by Florida’s largest newspaper, the Pulitzer Prize-winning Tampa Bay Times, and its sister publication, tbt* Tampa Bay Times. Tampabay.com features the newspapers’ content and much more: breaking news, sports, weather, blogs, video, photo galleries, multimedia special reports, reader commentary and tampabay.com/things-to-do.

About 352 Media Group

352 Media Group is a digital agency that creates websites, software and marketing campaigns for clients ranging from startups and mid-size businesses to prominent brands like Microsoft and Porsche. We combine our expertise in agile methodology, user-centered design, marketing strategy, search engine optimization, social media and advertising to build smart solutions that drive results.


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