Alright… this is when I really love my job…. The new rentnaples Web site ( is live. Check out the before and after shots.



The rentnaples Web site is owned by the Rental Division of Premier Properties of Southwest Florida Inc. The Rental Division provides visitors access to some of the most outstanding vacation properties in southwest Florida. The project team at 352 Media Group has been working closely with Premier Properties to design, develop and implement this fantastic new site. Kudos to everyone involved! You should be proud of your hard work!

Being on the sales side of the company, I’m primarily involved in the front-end work. I can sometimes be involved in client negotiations for many months before the sale is actually made and any real work is done. Once the sale is made, then it is time for my company to back up what I’ve been saying we can do.  I then take a back-seat and the project team takes over from there… . Am I sometimes nervous? Of course I am… But when you have a great team to depend on in making your words comes true, it is like Christmas every time a project wraps up. All I can say is these folks are good.


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