Day 1 of the Race to 3:52 Hackathon may seem like it’s almost over – but we’re just getting rolling (we’re fueled by late-night pizza here, folks).

3-5-Brew: It’s no secret that we like our beer around 352. If you thought it was a secret, take a good look at our Twitter. As beer lovers, we get a little disgruntled when we can’t check to see which beers our favorite local watering holes currently have on tap. So we figured we’d make a tool that would allow breweries and bars an easy way to update their website and social media accounts anytime they tap a new keg or announce a new special. It’s called 3-5-Brew, because we’re really clever. Bar owners will log into a private dashboard, enter their current tap information and push that data to a website widget and shoot to social updates. It’ll be the one-stop shop for brewery and tap management, letting you – the bartender – focus simply on delivering sweet beer-y nectar to me in a nice, frosty glass.

One of everything, please.
One of everything, please.

Aproxio: We know that traditional advertising is well behind its digital counterparts, and it all comes down to a lack of good data. Aproxio is a tool that offers brick-and-mortar shops the data they need to offer customers deals or advertisements and then lets them track their effect. Using iBeacon technology for most Android and iPhone devices, Aproxio can detect proximity by low-power Bluetooth and then offer a customer a deal or advertisement based on their location in the store. Aproxio will give companies the ability to see who has entered their stores and how they are interacting with particular displays or promotions, bringing an additional layer of data to the retail world.

Team Aproxio likes to work in close proximity to each other. Get it?! (It's the best we could do, back off.)
Team Aproxio likes to work in close proximity to each other. Get it?! (It’s the best we could do, back off.)

CLICKT: We love data. We love it so much we’d marry it if we could, but apparently that’s “weird.” Plus, it’s hard to find the sort of data you’d like to spend your life with. So we’re making CLICKT, a centralized dashboard for advertising and marketing professionals, displaying relevant analytics and data related to content performance across all of their digital channels. Paired with an algorithm-based recommendation engine, CLICKT will suggest when to use paid media to elevate their content across their channels, maximizing their paid, earned and owned media strategy. Sound like marketing doublespeak? Here’s the breakdown: CLICKT will help you track the lifespan and effect of a piece of content across multiple channels, and then tell you when and how you should apply additional promotion. It’s not just data – it’s usable data.

Flare: If we haven’t gotten our point across yet: we like data. But this time, we want to produce the data we need to improve ourselves. Flare will offer a dashboard of key metrics geared exclusively to helping Agile teams do what they do best. You’ll get key metrics, burndown chart, all that jazz. Flare will tap into the Jira API to collect and display this data so Agile teams can take advantage of that data. Smarter, and smarter-looking teams in no time flat.

Mobile Assassin: If you’ve been on a college campus, you’ve probably gotten caught up in a game of Assassin – you get a target, someone gets you as a target…if they shoot you with a water gun, you’re out of the game. Historically, this has resulted in people evading elimination by diving off balconies, defacing public property and occasionally getting the police called because some maniacs are sprinting around public property yelling about killing. Mobile Assassin offers all the fun of the classic game without the risk of (serious) bodily harm and/or police action. Using the same iBeacon technology as Aproxio, Mobile Assassin gives players the power to join a digital game of Assassin, remove their target and eventually become Assassin King of the World. Or at least of your large office gathering. Pew pew pew!


Poplr Pointing Poker: Any team that uses Agile and Scrum methodologies knows the pain and tedium of the planning and effort pointing process. Planning poker is the tried-and-true method of determining a team’s effort for a given task, but it’s a time-consuming, mind-numbing process. Poplr agile pointing poker is a tool to make story pointing more social and more enjoyable. It’s the best-looking, most powerful agile pointing poker tool around. Seriously, it’ll make you flip (sorry, all we have are puns today).



ScoreRef: There’s nothing worse than a friendly game devolving into a petty argument over scoring (the office shuffleboard tournament gets pretty rowdy). In the heat of competition, it’s easy to forget who’s winning and by how much. Whether you’re playing ping pong, corn hole, basketball or any other game, ScoreRef is the answer to all your scoring hopes and dreams (get better dreams, you weirdo). ScoreRef allows an admin to quickly and easily input scores using a smartphone or tablet while simultaneously sharing those scores with all other players via their own mobile devices. It’s the sort of scoreboard you’ll have no problem rubbing your friends’ faces in. Check out the finished product here.

Team Fit: We know fitness is a pain. In fact, it’s way simpler to drink beer alone than it is to work out (based on the first project here, you can guess which activity we prefer). Team Fit is going to change all that by bringing a team dynamic to fitness and health. Team Fit turns your daily work team into a team of workout buddies. Since you’re co-located, you have a built-in support and activity system. When people are at a distance, teams don’t work (just like agile). We know self-discipline doesn’t work, especially when it comes to exercise, so Team Fit allows you to make someone responsible for health and fitness. You go to gym or jog when you have a partner or a team  with you, and that’s the goal of the app. Since it works with co-located team, a leader can create a fitness team, and the team decides the frequency of working out. 5-6 times a day (or more), Team Fit will send random exercises to the team at random times throughout the workday. Easy, 5-10 minute exercises will get pushed to the entire team and set off a 5-minute countdown to join the exercise or not.Each time you work out with your team, you get points and healthier. When you get healthier, you can drink beer without feeling bad. It’s win-win!



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