We’re constantly living the “cobbler’s kids have no shoes” conundrum. Every agency does. Resources are short. “Free time” is basically non existent. You’re so focused on enhancing your clients’ digital presence that you overlook your own. Huge bummer.

We’ve slowly tried to work our way out of that mindset. The launch of our new brand and new site were big steps forward, but we know we needed to do more to keep the momentum going, Plus, our teams needed a mental break. It’s been a hectic year, and everyone needs to recharge.

That’s why we’re so excited about next week. It’s the Race to 3:52.

What’s historically been a one-day R&D day has now transformed into a whole week of our teams working on internal projects that inspire them and help our brand. No client work. No day-to-day job duties. No time tracking. Just real, unfettered creativity to let our minds wander and explore some new technologies.

Yeah, we're excited too.
Yeah, we’re excited too.

Buckle up: Things are going to get wild.

This year, we have 15 teams working on 15 projects – from videos and white papers to interactive elements and new websites. Heck there may even be puppies. The catch: Everything has to be 100% finished by Saturday, August 10 at 3:52 p.m. That’s when we unveil and, of course, celebrate.

Think of it like summer camp for digital professionals. There will even be Field Day, Game Night, Bacon Breakfasts and Movies on the Lawn.

Follow along at @352inc and #raceto352 to see what our teams are working on and to contribute to the conversation.


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