April 5, 2007 I received a call from Kari Brill, The Orthopaedic Institute Marketing Director, about redesigning their company website: .   This how the site looked before the redesign:  

After several discussions and much brainstorming, Kari and I reached what we felt was an exciting redesign solution. The redesign solution was finalized on January 9, 2008, and the official Statement of Work (SOW) was sent to Kari. Approval from Kari followed on March 4, 2008. Some readers may be thinking this is a considerable amount of time from our initial contact to being awarded the contract, it is actually it is quite normal in my experience. Some background on Kari Brill and The Orthopaedic Institute:   Tell us about your background and your role in the company?
I graduated, with honors, from Southern Methodist University with a Bachelor’s of Arts in Creative Advertising (minor in Psychology) in December of 2000. I began working for The Orthopaedic Institute (TOI) in early 2003 as the company’s first Marketing Coordinator. During my first year with TOI, I evaluated and reallocated the marketing efforts and budget and was responsible for the design and implementation of all marketing pieces. Now, as Marketing Director, I supervise all marketing and advertising initiatives with a focus on creative services, referral sources marketing, employee education and development, community support initiatives, media relations and budget management. What are your main services?
The Orthopaedic Institute is a private practice group of 24 fully trained physicians. Our physicians provide complete musculoskeletal care from prevention and diagnosis to treatment and rehabilitation. Our services include:
* Non-Surgical Orthopaedics
* Orthopaedic Surgery
* Joint Replacement Surgery
* Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation
* Hand and Upper Extremity Surgery
* Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery In keeping with our objective of providing the full spectrum of musculoskeletal care, the following services are also available on site:
* Digital X-ray
* Physical and Hand Therapy
* Outpatient Surgery What makes your company different from other companies competing in your industry?
The Orthopaedic Institute has numerous competitive advantages. We strive to provide accessible, compassionate, quality care that is truly patient centered. We achieve these goals by offering same or next day appointments in 4 convenient locations in North Florida – Gainesville, Ocala, Lake City, and Alachua. All staff is screened and trained in going above and beyond to delight every patient. Tell us more about your company’s success story?
The Orthopaedic Institute, formally The Orthopaedic Center, has been providing quality care to North Florida since 1980. Twenty eight years ago, the practice began with 3 physicians in Gainesville, Florida. Currently in 2008, we have 24 physicians providing care to patients in over 18 counties in North Florida. Our office locations are in Gainesville, Ocala, Lake City, and Alachua. We have around 118,000 patient encounters a year. The Development Process Why did you decide to have your website redesigned?
The Orthopaedic Institute’s main focus is the care of our patients. We wanted a site that was patient friendly… meaning a site easy to navigate, filled with patient education and the ability to register for appointments and complete paper work. Why did you choose 352 Media Group?
We chose 352 because of their wide range of abilities and great service. We reviewed their portfolio and knew they were capable of creating the site we were envisioning. How was the overall process of the new site design, is there anything you would / we could have done differently?
The overall process was longer than expected, but as the client, we changed some design elements that caused some delay in the process. We were very satisfied with the entire process and especially the final result. Declan and Stephanie and other 352 staff made it a great experience. What feedback have you received from your clients?
We have received nothing but positive comments on our newly designed web site from our own employees and physicians, to numerous patients/clients utilizing the site. Their positive feedback has proven that we achieved our objectives of creating a beautifully designed, informative and easy to navigate web site. Here is the newly redesigned site that we built for The Orthopaedic Institute, which was launched October 2008.

So what did The Orthopaedic Institute project consist off?
Planning Documents:
Information and Technical Architecture Documents · Sitemap Documentation · Design Preference Documentation · Wire Frames with Component Descriptions · Hosting Configuration Documentation

Design Concept:
Home Page —
Inner Page- Logo Design touch up’s
Coding and Content Integration
Animated Flash Presentation —
New Patient Email Form —
Newsletter Sign and unsubscribe —
Content Management System (CMS) Thanks to the Project Development Team!
Stephanie Lindsey – Project Manager
Katrice Crawford- Project Manager
Declan O’Neill- Account Manager
Evan Blake – Business Analyst
Jodi Higbee – Senior Manager
Lincoln Anderson – Lead Designer
Peter Brownstein – Lead Programmer
Jason Reeder – Lead Programmer
Andrew Keller – Network Support The Orthopaedic Institute recently commissioned 352 Media Group to add further functionality, a Newsletter Manager, to  . This is great news for both TOI and 352 Media, as it is extremely important to foster and maintain relationships with all clients, especially local clients.


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