SEOs: just like the Goonies, wither fewer hijinks and Matt Cutts as an avenging Fratelli.
SEOs: just like the Goonies, with fewer hijinks and Matt Cutts as an avenging Fratelli.

People say that SEO is dead, and that’s true to an extent. A lot of the old school, black hat, grey hat, or even recent SEO tactics are dead, but here’s the bottom line: as long as people use search engine, SEO is alive and well.

SEO isn’t dead, but as digital marketers we have to constantly reevaluate what will work and what won’t. To transition to the new world of search it’s time to master new tactics: content marketing, CRM, closed-loop reporting and more. Today, I’m speaking at the eMarketing Association Conference 2014 on just how digital marketers and SEOs can move into the brave new world of search, and you can find my slides below. Welcome to the new era of search, friends.

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The New Era of Search: Content Marketing, CRM and Closed-Loop Reporting from Erin Everhart


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